Sales Policies

 While we find it hard to part with animals we really like, we also understand that sharing these genetics with other serious breeders is important. It also helps pay the feed bill! :-) Our two horn ewes usually start at $200. Four horn rams have sold for as much as $400. We prefer to sell to serious breeders who have a sincere desire in promoting Jacob sheep. We think we give good discounts to breeders who make multiple purchases. We also like to help youth get started in Jacobs and will try to work within their budgets.

We ask for a 25% downpayment. Delivery is often available, depending on distance and numbers of sheep to be transported. Registration is guaranteed if submitted within six months of purchase date. If for any reason a sheep would fail, we will replace that animal or refund the money.
We welcome inquiries about this beautiful breed.

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Royal & Sue Unzicker
Sellersville, PA

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